Great River Road

Generally go up the Iowa side & down the Wisconsin side.

There are three places to cross The Mississippi
Prairie de Chien = 155 mile round trip.
Lansing = 210 mile round trip.

and if you want to dip your toe into Minnesota
La Cross will be 280 mile round trip.

The Irish Shanty
17455 Gunder Rd, Elgin, IA 52141

This would be a lunch run.
If your are really hungry, See if you can do
The world-famous Gunderburger, a 22oz “loaded” burger.

85 miles from Motel

Galena Loop
NE side of Galena - Stage Coach Trail for 10.2 Mi.,        South on Elizabath - Scales Mound Rd for 12.2 Mi.
East on US20 for 3.0 Mi.       South on S. Derinda Rd. for 18.5 Mi. ( @ 10 mi., road changes name to Scrnic Ridge Rd. at the county line ) This takes you into Savanna.
South on US 52  1.8 mi,  follow IL 84 at light for 1 mile.   Poopys on left side for Lunch break.      https://www.poopys.com/
Leave Poopys, IL 84 North 21.4 mi.   West on US 20 for 10.6 miles back to Motel
After you leave Poopys, @ 4.4 miles, there will be the Mississippi
State Park.  Enter the park & follow the road to the top of the bluff. 
There are four lookout areas that give you  good views of the River.